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Have you ever tried to make a raw treat or meal recipe that ended up being an expensive mistake, that you couldn't eat or just didn't deliver on flavour? 

Well if you answered "Yes" you are not alone.   Raw plant based foods don't have to be complicated lists of ingredients.  I've been working on these recipes so they require minimal effort or fancy equipment. My goal is that you have some great recipes to build on, are versatile and most important, easy for you to achieve at home.  

The good news is that in my classes I'm there to help you, explaining the do's and don'ts, ingredients and methods.  These are my recipes and you will be making them with my help so no guess work.

I want you to  enjoy making them time and time again for your family and friends.  They also make the most beautiful gifts and there is nothing more personal than a hand made gift especially food.

The best part of the class is that you get to taste what you have made.  Does it really get any better than that!

I hope you will join me for some raw scrumptious treats, that you will have fun making and wow your family at home.

Elaine x 


Tell me more

When will the classes be taking place and where?

Class dates and venues will be announced  later in the year on the website www.TheNourishedSprout.com, Facebook and Instagram page.

There will be a limited number of classes this year.

Are all the foods Plant Based and Gluten free and wheat free?


The classes are open to everyone,  from those who want to adopt healthier eating or have a specific diet (e.g.) gluten/wheat free/dairy (other allergy or intolerance) to those who just want to find out more about plant based food and how to introduce it into their lifestyle. 

Note: All the recipes you will do are raw plant based. 

What level is the class aimed at?

This is an Introductory level class aimed at beginners. 

During the introduction we will cover the foundations, equipment, techniques, ingredients and where to source these. 

You will also be given the opportunity to ask questions.

How can I book a place?

Secure your place by pre-paying and booking in advance (maximum of 6 people per class).  

This will ensure that I get the opportunity to spend time with you and answer any questions you may have during the class.

Places on the course will be advertised on here www.TheNourishedSpout.com on my Facebook and Instagram page.  

Do I get a copy of the recipes?

You will be given an introductory pack including all recipes from the class so you can practice at home