Quite simply - "It's food that loves you back"

About Us

Welcome Everyone

Hi and a very warm welcome to The Nourished Sprout.

My name is Elaine and I am a Raw Food enthusiast training as a Raw Food Chef and a Nutritional Therapist.  And when I'm not doing either of these I'm practicing my yoga.

My mission is to bring to you the best quality Plant Based luxury cakes and treats that you won't find anywhere else.

These decadent cakes, tarts and treats are almost exclusively made of organic ingredients.  Using wholefoods with minimal processing is key to the range.  Right down to our nut and coconut milks which are all handmade!!!

For the Raw-curious or those who simply love raw Plant Based food we have a special "Raw dine with me" which we will be launching in the New Year 2018 along with more exciting announcements and events.

I'm genuinely excited about what we have to offer and I hope you will be to as you enjoy each and every nourishing morsel.

Elaine x

The Nourished Sprout Beginnings

For 25 years I worked as a Project Manager in IT.  I never dreamt that after such a long career in the IT industry that I would make such a dramatic change and find myself in the world of Raw Food and Nutrition!!!

Raw Plant Based Foods were my interest and I had been sprouting pulses, nuts and seeds for as long as I can remember . I loved the nutritional benefits that certain foods had to offer but I never thought in a million years that this would be the path I would take.

So when I decided to go 100% Plant Based I really struggled to find good quality cakes and treats anywhere.  Most were packed with sugars, artificial flavours and preservatives.  Even some of the raw treats I tried were just simply not to my personal taste.  I called it the 3 bears experience - either too sweet or too salty but nothing just right.

I decided that if I was going to have good quality healthy treats I would have to start making my own.  And that's exactly what I did for almost a year and like most people I made more than one or two mistakes along the way before I gradually embarked on my journey as a professional Raw Food Chef.

I'm so glad I made the change.  Plant Based Raw food is such an exciting place to be for any foodie as it continues to evolve. The art of what is possible in Raw Food has moved beyond protein and nut butter balls.

So just because you follow a Plant Based diet or have a specific allergy or intolerance doesn't mean that you need to miss out or compromise on great flavour, great quality ingredients and something that is special. This is my measure of a good quality treat.

I believe we all deserve the best and I want to give myself and others the best quality food possible.  It really is that simple.

The First Chapter of my Journey - Training

All my training in Plant Based Foods is certified by the Vegetarian Society.  I have taken courses with some of the most respected and internationally renowned Chefs in the Raw and Plant Based Food industry to further develop my knowledge and skills.

So the Nourished Sprout is just the start of that journey as I continue to invest and immerse myself in Raw Food Mastery and Nutritional Therapy.  I'm so passionate about continually improving and offering the best there is to have.  

Find out more:

Are you Raw-curious, a lover of Plant Based Raw Food or simply wanting healthier, gluten free and refined sugar free options?  

Well you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for the latest news, updates, some free recipe shares and inspiration.  I look forward to meeting you there and finding out more about what interests you in Raw Plant Based Foods.