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From quick and easy smoothies and juices to chocolate crepes and not to forget a selection of healthy main meals.

Each month I will be adding new recipes mostly raw but there will be a few cooked ones as well so something for everyone.  

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I hope these recipes help to support you and you enjoy introducing more healthy plant based foods along the way.


Elaine x

Smoothies and JUICES (aLL RECIPES SERVE 2)

Opal Fruit

January Smoothie


1 cup of coconut milk (or Coconut water)
1.5 cups of pineapple
1.5 limes peeled
2 handfuls of your favourite greens (I use spinach and rocket)
Ice to top (optional)
Blend for 30-40 secs to get the desired consistency.

Dreamy Chocolate

February Smoothie


2 cups of hazelnut milk (homemade if possible)

10 Whole cacao beans

2 frozen banana

A sprinkle of fresh vanilla

Put in a blender and blitz for up to 1 minute until totally smooth


Top with raspberries and a sprinkle of cacao powder

The Shamrock

March - Shamrock Smoothie!!!


1 Cup of coconut milk (homemade or good quality organic brand)
2 Kiwis - peeled, sliced and frozen overnight
1 Avocado - peeled, sliced and frozen overnight
3 cubes of frozen spinach
3 limes juiced
1 teaspoon of Matcha green tea
Pinch of seasalt 

Place all ingredients in a high speed blender and blitz until smooth
Optional - Cacao shavings or good quality dairy free chocolate to decorate

Maca Madness

Coming Soon April 2018

Berry Delights

Coming Soon May 2018

Summer Pina Colada

Coming Soon June 2018

Easy Peasy - Tasty AND rAW!!!

Keeping it Simple

January 2018 Recipe 

We all lead busy lives and it’s a real balancing act.  The most important thing is giving time to yourself.  I’m as guilty as anyone not spending time on me.


So this New Year I didn’t make any resolutions I knew exactly what to do and that was focus on me - keeping it simple. 

The recipes I will be posting are going to keep to this theme - simple, easy dishes, minimal ingredients and tasty. 


I love this avocado dish and it delivers on both flavour and texture.  I used seasoned dehydrated seeds and nuts in this dish.  If you don’t have a dehydrator just throw a few nuts and seeds into a dry pan to crisp/toast them up (2-3 minutes is all it takes). 


1 handful of rocket
1 avocado sliced
1 pear sliced
2 tbsp of seeds (pumpkin and sesame)
1 tbsp of Raw cashews (or walnuts) *optional

1/2 a lemon squeezed
1 tsp of Raw Tahini (or normal if you can’t get raw)
1 tbsp of Tamari (gluten free soy sauce)


  • Arrange your salad with the rocket formin the base and top with the rocket pear and seeds
  • Put all the dressing ingredients into a sealed jar and shake well until combined.
  • Pour the dressing over the salad and enjoy 

Chocolate, Gluten free and No Added Sugar Pancakes

Mmmmmm... Pancakes

February 2018 Recipe

I love pancakes and I wanted to create a tasty but healthy option using no added sugar.  I wanted the recipe to work for both a raw dehydrated pancake and a cooked version of a pancake.

Getting as much healthy foods into my diet is so important but I was never a big fan of - Porridge Oats!!!! The colour and smell of cooked porridge was just so awful to me.  I dreaded it and simply couldn't eat the stuff from childhood to adulthood.  

Since going Plant Based I've been trying foods I wouldn't have normally eaten before and some how, some way I was determined to get oats in there and actually enjoy them!!!  I now have them in a few of my sweet recipes so getting them into a pancake was my next challenge.


Serves 2 and makes an average of 6 medium pancakes 

35g of Sprouted Buckwheat flour (or normal buckwheat - I use Rude Health's Sprouted Buckwheat Flour)

20g of Gluten free oats blended into flour (you can use normal oats blended into flour if you are ok with gluten)

300g of sliced ripe bananas - nicely speckled are the best for this recipe

20g of Cacao Powder


  • If you like a bit more sweetness add a medjool date to the above ingredients or a tablespoon of maple syrup.
  • If you want more chocolate flavour just add a little more cacao but not too much as it will thicken the mixture

Adding dried fruit

  • Once the mixture is blended you can add a table spoon of chopped dried fruit of your choice.  Just mix these in by hand.  I love raisins in this they work so well.


Place the ingredients into a High Speed Blender and mix until combined creating a smooth batter

Traditional Cooking

  1. Heat a little coconut butter on a low heat in a frying pan
  2. Add a good spoonful of the mixture to the pan and shape into a round with the back of the spoon
  3. Cook the pancake on one side for about 1 minute
  4. Flip the pancake over and cook the other side for approx. 1 minute. 
  5. Repeat the above until all the pancake mixture is used
  6. Serve with some fresh fruit or defrosted fruit.  Add a little maple syrup to be extra decadent

Dehydrator method

  1. Spoon mixture onto a teflex sheet using the back of the spoon to create a pancake shape
  2. Set the dehydrator to 115F and dehydrate the pancakes for 4 hours
  3. Once the 4 hours are up turn the pancakes over onto the mesh to allow both bottom and top to cook for a further hour.
  4. Serve as above

Comfort food that nourishes

Nourishing Dhal

A recipe change of plan as this cold front continues across Ireland and the UK.  This is my warming and filling Dhal perfect for this weather.  I always have mung beans for sprouting so using mung beans instead of traditional lentils was easy.  Just follow the recipe below and be sure to soak the mung beans overnight before cooking.


3 x cups of mung beans rinsed and soaked overnight
1.5 litres of water
2 x tsp of ground turmeric
2 x tsp of cumin seeds, garam masala, coriander and fresh grated ginger
A little oil to cook out spices
Pinch of salt
1/2 lemon squeezed


 1. Drain and place mung beans in a pot with cold water.
2. Add a pinch of salt and turmeric to the mix
3. Cook on A low heat for 35-40 mins until the mung beans are tender
4. In a saucepan heat a little oil
5. Add cumin seeds and cook for about 30secs
6. Then add the ginger and other spices and cook through for at least 1 1/2 minutes. Be careful not to burn the spices and keep on a low heat.
7. Add the cooked spices to the mung beans.
A little magic happens as you gently stir the cooked spices and the residual oil in. The mung bean mix starts to thicken.
8. Leave to cook for 5 mins on a low heat.
9. Before serving add lemon juice and mix through. It really adds a lovely fresh flavour to the dhal

Serve and enjoy


Optional Extras
Add a teaspoon of Garam Masala and mix in at the end and let this infuse for 10 minutes before serving
Add some fresh organic lemon zest
Fresh spinach is so good with this dish - add a small bunch and let it wilt in a bowl.

Kimchi not so rice- raw

Packs a real flavour punch

April Recipe - Coming soon

When I first heard of cauliflower rice I was very sceptical.  It seemed strange but then there are a lot of strange and wonderful things I've learnt since my raw food training and continue to learn (which is exciting!!!).  So keep an open mind this really works and is delicious.  

The base of this recipe is so versatile and I've used it in so may dishes like raw sushi.  It's a real dinner party favourite which you can have as a main meal with a few extras or an alternative side to rice.

This dish uses vegan Kimchi a fermented food which is so good for gut health.  Fermented food is incredible and adds a whole new dimension of flavour.  Remember always a little to start and once you get the taste of it you will want to add it into every meal.  

I make my own Kimchi but you can purchase this from specialist delis and producers at local markets.  If you are in the Belfast area check out St Georges Market where you will find some artisan stalls selling so many delicious fermented foods.  Definitely worth checking out.


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Rainbow Veg salad

Rainbow Veg Salad and Zingy dressing

May 2018 Recipe  

This rainbow salad happened by accident.  I was making some new fermented recipes and had some vegetables left over.  In a real hurry to have lunch I simply put them together with a zingy dressing and the taste was delicious.  So much texture it really was a true find.


Coming soon


Coming soon